Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well it aint perfect, but you try doin that with a craptastic digital camera and mspaint. Posted by Picasa

The cd that got it all done, Modest Mouse - good news for people who love bad news. Yeah they made this hack...them and Mountain dew.... Posted by Picasa

After the blue base coat, I took the silver paint and lightly feathered it over the blue for a metalic look. After that another light coat of blue and then a few coats of clear-coat. Posted by Picasa

Blue base coat no silver ribs. Looks cool as is, but I couldnt help but keep goin. Posted by Picasa

When I sprayed the ribs silver, some of the paint soaked through the cover paper and messed up my blue base coat so I sanded 'er down and did it again :( Posted by Picasa

T3h controllers gutz. Posted by Picasa

There is a hole where the jewel used to be, yay. Posted by Picasa

LEDs in the controller. w00+! Posted by Picasa

Wammo, perty case, perty controller.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Making the xbox even more pertier. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

xbox jewel and dashboard hack

I did a jewel hack with green LEDs and changed the dashboard to evox. pics and details soon.
Okay, all the pics are up. Enjoy. I realize there are a few things I didnt mention, like how I got the jewel clear, how I got evox, and how I installed the switch. Well, thats because there arent any pictures of all that, but I will explain in detail how it all was done.

The jewel-
The first step is to remove the jewel. Take the case off and pry up the tabs on the metal shield to remove it. The easiest way to remove the jewel is to freeze the cover of the xbox for 2 hours. Take it out of the freezer , turn it over and smack the area where the jewel is with a hammer a few times. The adhesive will break and the jewel will fall out. Remove all of the plastic and paint (except the silver xbox letters) with a heavy grit sand paper. Once there is no more green, wash the jewel with mildsoap and water. Then wet sand the jewel with a finer grit sandpaper. 400 is a good start, then 1000 then 2000. When the jewel is almost clear use and jewelers rouge and a soft towel or cotton ball to polish the rest.
Now you need to see the inside of the xbox. With a dremel or rotozip, cut a hole where the jewel rests. Leave a small edge for the jewel to rest on and later glue it to. smooth the edge out with some fine sandpaper and use model glue to hold the jewel in place.

Getting Evox-
google it and it will tell you everything you need to know.

The switch-
Pick out a nice switch that isnt too big. Find a spot where there is enough room under the lid for the switch. I used a 3/4 inch wood drill bit to cut a hole for my switch. Unless you like alot of holes in your xbox, make sure you like where the switch is at before drilling. Once the switch was secure I soldered a molex y connector to the terminals. Then I removed the molex connector from the harddrive and plugged it into the y cable and the y cable into the harddrive. Wammo, lights.

There you have it. Also, I couldnt have done most of this without the help of my buddy Jay, so im gonna be nice and pimp his website.

I love you. Posted by Picasa

Evox (evolution X) dashboard  Posted by Picasa

Before Posted by Picasa

green jewel Posted by Picasa

After  Posted by Picasa

perty clear jewel Posted by Picasa

My awesomely messy work area Posted by Picasa

Unscrewing the six screws Posted by Picasa

t3h gutz Posted by Picasa

Fancy riggin Posted by Picasa

Close it all up. Posted by Picasa

It's always a good idea to test your creations on a craptastic pc before putting them in your lovely XBOX.  Posted by Picasa

sexy... Posted by Picasa

Turn 'em on, turn 'em off Posted by Picasa

LEDs Posted by Picasa